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Key Relationships

Hardwood management – Stef Kincheff

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Economic Modeling – Kevin Malony

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Seedling Genetics – Barry Poole

Barry Poole has been in the forestry Industry since 1987 where he was a Forest Manager for NZ Forest Products. He has worked for companies such as Pöyry, Tasman Forest Industries, Fletcher Challenge Paper Limited and was a Consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for 2 years.

More recently he was the Managing director of Hardwood Management Limited, and since 2011 has provided consultation services to Comvita Ltd for Land evaluation, Land procurement, development of manuka plantations of high UMF for manuka honey and Genetic improvement of the manuka resource to improve adaptability and UMF values.

Mapping – Mike Flarherty 

Mike Flaherty holds a Bachelor of Surveying degree (1978) and registered as a surveyor in 1981. With over 40 years experience in cadastral surveying, including project management of Crown SOE Forestry surveys and extensive work for Treasury on SOE surveys for transfer of State owned power assets. He also has over 35 years experience in Precise and sub-metre GPS surveying applications. 

As Flaherty Survey and Mapping, Mike Flarherty has undertaken several 100 of kms of relevelling of Bay of Plenty first order benchmarks for Bay of Plenty Regional Council over the past 10 years. Since 1994 has flown numerous aerial photography missions utilising small camera aerial photography from light aircraft for the production of orthophotography of forests and farms, which has then be used to map net stocked areas in forestry and farm fencing and paddock areas for farm management mapping. Since March 2016, Mike has utilised UAV aerial photography to provide highly detailed orthophotography and Digital Terrain Models used for road engineering design in Forestry, assessment of Coastal erosion and volume calculations of stockpiles and recently mapping areas of manuka and exotic planting

Maori Forestry Aotearoa Limited – MFA Ltd

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Seedling Production – Minginui Nursery

Surrounded by the pre-historic Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tāne Conservation Park, (described by David Bellamy as “one of the best Mesozoic plant communities remaining Earth”) the Minginui Nursery was formed out of the unique relationship between the forest, Ngāti Whare and Scion – unifying nature, Māori and science.

The idea to establish a native tree nursery was developed as a result of the need to regenerate 640 hectares of pine plantation to native. This need is part of the settlement between Ngāti Whare and the Crown. The section that the nursery is established on, is the old Forest Service building. As part of the settlement, Ngāti Whare, through a joint trust with the Crown were asked to regenerate the land back to its former state as part of the Whirinaki Forest Park. From this agreement with the Crown, Ngāti Whare will use the Minginui nursery to grow the native trees so that once the pine trees are harvested, these can be replanted with native.

Minginui Nursery is a purely native tree nursery specialising in revegetation plants. Our plants have predominantly been propagated from seeds sourced from the Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tāne Conservation Park but we have the capability to eco-source from other regions. We ensure our plants are carefully nurtured in a series of poly-houses, before being hardened for approximately six months in the tough open Minginui environment.

Customers all over Aotearoa can obtain native plants for riparian planting or returning disused land to native, or simply planting in the household garden. With the capacity to grow over 1,000,000 plants per year the Minginui Nursery is able to supply pure, cold-hardy natives on a commercial scale with orders delivered right to the customer’s door.

Minginui Nursery is dedicated to utilising rapid propagation technology and the Ngāti Whare unique bond and understanding of the forest to build a new sustainable indigenous forestry industry in New Zealand.

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